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Our Mission

Fusing cutting edge ideas, the highest standards and an unwavering commitment to their customers, it’s no wonder that Viglen leads the way in the world of IT. In fact, with its unrivalled reputation for excellence, the company supplies two-thirds of the UK’s universities with software, hardware and technical support.

When Viglen joined forces with Microsoft to create a student portal, they tasked Montage with creating the microsite and raising awareness of the new venture. Known as the "VSP", this innovative service would offer exclusive software deals to students from a range of sectors, from education to the armed forces and the NHS.

The Master Plan

Montage’s role was to produce a targeted marketing campaign that was not just vibrant and eye catching, but was also able to bring together two major industry brands. As such, we began by researching the branding guidelines of both Viglen and Microsoft, working to ensure we had a firm grasp of their feel, style and brand rules.

Meanwhile, our team was building an in-depth profile of the student market, looking at potentially effective marketing methods, ideas and concepts that would appeal to this audience and produce a strong call to action. As part of this, we worked with the client to develop a sophisticated cross–media approach.

Research done, the creative juices were free to start flowing. With a mix of expertise, experimentation and experience, our team developed a campaign to simultaneously suit both brands and their audience.

Hitting the Mark

Brimming with dramatic imagery, clean lines and smooth functionality, the portal has the perfect blend of student appeal and clear messaging. The campaign to promote the VSP was launched across a range of media including posters, flyers, eShots and the microsite, meaning it was visible in a number of student-friendly forums, around campuses and online.

A major aspect of the campaign was that of grass–roots marketing, providing universities with posters, flyers and other promotional materials.

Mission Accomplished

Not only have universities snapped up the posters and flyers, but this has also corresponded with increased uptake of the service. The client was particularly happy about the heightened awareness of their products amongst the student set.

"Montage produced a campaign that ticked all the boxes and delivered results."

Marketing Manager

Our Secret Weapons:

This project combined a variety of our agency skills, including:
  • Concept design
  • Creative ideas
  • eShot graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Print