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Our Mission

We are honoured to be working with the RTPI since 2011, where we have been responsible for producing a number of strategically important digital and offline marketing assets.

By working closely with the RTPI on legacy and existing digital marketing collateral, we were able to successfully expand the RTPI brand across different media to attract new audiences. This proven success has secured our collaboration with the RTPI for a further fourth year.

Our task was to produce a series of policy documents that would be coherent with brand guidelines, be visually appealing and work as a set of four documents as part of a series.

The RTPI Policy Papers are a series of four research and policy analysis documents:
  • Strategic Planning: Strengthening Strategic Planning
  • Fostering Growth: Understanding and Strengthening the Economic Benefits of Planning
  • Transport Infrastructure Investment: Capturing the Wider Benefits of Investment in Transport Infrastructure
  • Delivering Large Scale Housing: Unlocking Schemes and Sites to Help Meet the UKs Housing Needs
They are focused on specific questions and aimed at policymaking audiences, covering high-profile issues in at least two of the countries where the RTPI operates and Montage was tasked with a number of key challenges:
  • Over the course of a year to build a consistent design layout for the four policy documents from the existing brand assets
  • To expand and enhance the branding guidelines and to develop relevant, visually attractive layouts to promote and express key findings in each of the documents for easy reading
  • Create ‘standouts’ on desks an in office environments so that interested parties will both notice and read the policy documents
  • Use RTPI assets including photography and case study examples to enhance specific policy recommendations within the layout of each of the policy documents for both ease and enjoyment of reading
The brief delivered to Montage was to incorporate all the above-mentioned elements but also to ensure that the policy documents combine interesting, informative information with a visually-attractive and enjoyable reading experience.

The Master Plan, hitting the mark

With every business or organisation, brand consistency is a vital element of both internal and external marketing communication and Montage made sure that a consistent visual identity flowed through everything produced for the RTPI.

Montage’s design team:
  • created an adaptable layout for each of the policy documents, including but not exclusively case study features, strong imagery and infographics
  • ensured that all policy document layouts are ‘on brand’, taking into consideration all colours and the implementation of the ‘Golden Ratio’ curvature that runs through the corporate logo and making sure they were an integral part of the branding elements
  • created synergy between the brand-approved colour palette so that each policy document was similar in style and layout but suitably differentiated from each other when placed next to each other for ease of understanding and choice
  • used vegetable-based inks and 100% recycled paper to meet the required standards of the RTPIs commitment to environmental policies

Mission Accomplished

The RTPI were extremely happy with the finished documents (which can be viewed here) and after a series of successful launch events, reprints of each of the four documents were ordered to keep up with the demand for printed versions, predominantly from the public sector.

Demand for the policy documents was such that it led to increased exposure, awareness and understanding of the vital role the RTPI plays in both the world of planning and the wider community. In addition, increased site traffic led to the need for downloadable versions to be available on the website. Additional print runs have also been ordered to cope with the growing interest, not only in the specific information contained within the documents but also the RTPI in general, the role they play and the function they serve.

"Montage’s commitment and creativity was second-to-none through the four brochure projects. Their clear understanding of the RTPI brand ensured consistency while creating a progressive, forward-thinking vision for the policy documents."

Marketing Manager
Royal Town Planning Institute