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Our Mission

conTgo are the leaders in travel mobile solutions. They empower travellers with better and more timely information about their itinerary and their destination than ever before. Share valuable tips and policy reminders when they need it.

Perhaps most important, they have the world’s best traveller tracking dashboard to track, locate and communicate with those affected with powerful precision whenever delays, disruptions or disasters strike.

Our task was to create a brand which not only looked great but that would be represented within the travel market. Once we had completed the branding process we were to move forwards with the creation of a website, mobile app and all relevant marketing collateral online and off.

The Master Plan

Our designers explored the existing brand, its values and invested much time in understanding the industry and their markets values. It was important for us to convey the brand utilising all aspects of the service offerings which were to be clearly communicated through to existing and potential new customers.

It was important that the brand would work across media platforms whilst ensuring it had a clear identity that stood out from the crowd. The brand needed to be easily recognisable across platforms and remain powerful and iconic across all medias.

Hitting the Mark

We selected the colour palate which included reds and blues and set to work in creating multi visual layouts. The font and tone were all explored. It was important to produce a strong, clear and clean brand. Once the chosen brand identity was selected we moved onto developing the app and website.

The website needed to fit with the brand and remain informative, interactive, clean, clear and user friendly. Interactive models within the website display the software’s functionality and also include user interactivity. Following on from the creation of the brand, app and website all additional marketing collateral was produced and circulated.

Mission Accomplished

The development of the brand through to full marketing collateral is something we are hugely proud of. We were able to create a brand which has longevity and strength whilst producing a site which incorporates all of today’s modern resources. The brand and website are cutting edge. conTgo are certainly leading the market ensuring wherever you might be they are always with you.

"Fantastic, experienced and professional individuals. Very impressed and happy with the finished result."

VP Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Our Secret Weapons:

The tools that were used to complete our mission?
  • Brand
  • Graphic design
  • Creative ideas
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website design
  • Online development
  • App design and development