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Computacenter: Public Brochure

Our Mission

Computacenter are experts in advising businesses about their IT strategy and infrastructure. In fact, they’re one of Europe’s leading independent IT specialists. When Computacenter decided to rebrand their business, they turned to Montage to design their brochure promoting their public sector services.

Our task was to produce a layout which not only looked great, but which clearly set out Computacenter’s services in a way that really appealed to their customers. Once the brochure was complete, we would also print it and provide the client with hard copies for distribution.

The Master Plan

Our designers took a good look at Computacenter’s brand guidelines and produced a fresh, vibrant brochure that matched their new branding. From pithy headings to eye–catching images, we looked at the best ways to convey Computacenter’s services and communicate with their customers.

When it came to layout, our team went with a flexible approach that would futureproof the product and allow Computacenter to change the content whenever they wanted to add new services.

Hitting the Mark

We combined a clean layout with bright colours to produce a piece that was easy and enjoyable to read, allowing each service to shine in its own right. In addition to words, we also used dramatic imagery in order to offer readers other ways of absorbing Computacenter’s message.

Once the client was happy with the design, we printed the brochure and provided Computacenter with a readymade batch for distribution.

Mission Accomplished

Since Computacenter’s new brochure was set free amongst the unsuspecting population, uptake of services has increased markedly, as has Computacenter’s share of the public sector market. The client was delighted with these results, with the overall product and with the flexibility it offered them in producing future brochures.

"Montage embraced the new brand and created an effective style brochure packed with information and offers. Our sales team had great feedback from customers."

CCU Marketing Manager

Our Secret Weapons:

So, what tools did we use to complete our mission?
  • Concept design
  • Creative ideas
  • Adhering to brand guidelines
  • Marketing expertise
  • Graphic design
  • Brochure design and layout
  • Print